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Hello. My name is Timothy M. Brown, Jr. and I am the site owner, administrator, and researcher for The Hat Man Project. The purpose of this site is to research the phenomenon that has come to be known as “The Hat Man.” Reports of The Hat Man and other shadow beings have been on the rise within the last several decades. It was due to my own experience with this being, as well as my awareness of other people’s sightings of The Hat Man that I decided to begin this research project.

I started this project in 2001, collecting what few stories I could find on the web at the time. Since that time, this site has received hundreds of stories from people all over the world. It has taken me the better part of 20 years to fully understand what this phenomenon is all about. And after years of research I have finally come a conclusion of who or what the Hatman is, why he is appearing now, why he is appearing to people all over the world, and what to do if you are (or have had) and encounter with him.

I am currently writing a book about the Hatman called The Hatman Revealed. In this book I plan to go into detail about the commonalities of the many hundreds of stories we’ve received over the years and what those commonalities reveal about this being and phenomenon. There will be no cost for this book, and I believe that this has become more of a mission of mine more than anything else. This information needs to get out there.

The aim of this website is to explore the stories of the many sightings that have been reported. This is the very first and only web site solely devoted to researching, collecting, and archiving information and stories relating to The Hat Man. As more stories are researched and collected they will be posted on this site regularly.

Have you seen the Hatman? If you or anyone you know has had this experience, we would love to hear from you and add your story to this site. If you have a sighting or an encounter you would like to tell, please post your story here to the right of this page. Once reviewed we will post it online and give others a chance to comment on it. We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to reach out to us personally, you may do so by contacting us here.

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Here Are The Most Recent Hatman Stories

If you have a story of an ancounter with the Hatman or any shadow being, please feel free to write it in the story submission section above.
We read all the stories that come in, and with your permission, we would love to add it to the archive of stories here.

Shadow On The Wall

By |November 17th, 2022|

I remember I saw this guy years ago when I must have been around 5 years old in the early 90s. I always thought it was my mind playing tricks on me and soon forgot about it as I got older. They say trauma can distort the memory but when I read these stories I remembered everything! I was sleeping, I guess I might have been woken up by something I don’t remember by what. I saw a shadow on the wall by the end of my bed it was tall anywhere from 6-7 foot and it had no facial

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The Man In My Dream

By |November 17th, 2022|

I’ve always had a recurring dream about the Hat Man. I woke up screaming to this dream when I was a bit younger. In the dream, it's pitch black all around and I can only see the outline of a tall man in a long coat and wide-brimmed hat. It feels like I am only the size of his boot and looking up at him, terrified. I can never make out a face, just the white outline of him. He is screaming at the top of his lungs, and the voice is very deep and it plays out in slow

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By |November 17th, 2022|

I've Seen the hat man about 15 years ago... Got to say I was shocked to see other people see the same thing... but I didn't just see the hat man... I woke up one night and noticed a figure standing in the corner of the room. I thought I was seeing things so I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It was still there.. It wore a hooded cloak and its face kind of looked like a troll... Little eyes, big nose, big mouth. Then I noticed that something was standing in front of my door. It was the

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Oh That’s A Black Hat

By |November 17th, 2022|

When I was younger, maybe 4 or 5, I’d wake up every morning to the Hat Man standing in my doorway. I lay in bed and watch him as the sun filled my room and then I’d blink and he’d be gone. I’ve seen him intermittently over the years since. The last two times, which were months apart and the last being almost two years ago, he was standing right over me when I woke up. The first of those times I was sleeping on the top bunk of a bunk bed and he was standing over me as though

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The Hooded Figure And The Hat Man

By |November 17th, 2022|

When I was younger I had a dream where a shadow man wearing a hat was chasing me, in my dream I hide from him but he found me as if he knew i was there the whole time, he grabbed me and lifting me as if I was a made of air, then I woke up. Later on I was sleeping a few years ago and when i woke up I saw a extremely large hooded figure it wasn’t the hatman it was something else. I didn’t see his face but he kept pointing at me with a skeleton

Imaginary Friend

By |November 17th, 2022|

My nephew had an imaginary friend that he said was named “Dooga”. He described him as very tall and thin and wearing a big black hat and long black jacket. My nephew was three at the time and continued to talk to, and about, Dooga til he was about five. Around eight years later i walked into my three year old son’s room because I heard him talking to someone. There was no one there and I asked who he was talking to and he said “Dooga”. I thought this was creepy so I asked who Dooga was and he

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Hat Man Behind The Door

By |November 17th, 2022|

I saw the Hat Man in 2003. I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep with my boyfriend beside me. The bed was positioned in the bedroom with the headboard against the wall beside the bedroom door. There was a nightstand next to the bed, then the bedroom door. I was laying there and looked up and saw the Hat Man standing behind the door. We had always kept the bedroom door open because we had a cat that would constantly want in and out of the bedroom. I had never heard about the Hat Man or shadow

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The Basement Hat Man

By |November 15th, 2022|

About 4 years ago, I had a family party outside my uncle’s house. I was told at a young age that in the basement of the house, many people have been frightened by something lurking about. I tried to ignore their stories because I like to keep a positive mindset; however, that one day during the party, my aunt told me to grab some rice from the top floor. Once I climbed all the stairs, I opened the door to the 3rd floor, and I hear my cousin’s dog under a bed, scared like never before. I then confirmed to

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Couch Bed Terror

By |November 15th, 2022|

It was over 20 years ago when this happened and it still terrifies me to think about it to this day. We were just young teens and we had been out that night with some boys that we shouldn't have been with. When we arrived home our whereabouts were known and we were in for it! My best friend and I were to shower and go straight to bed, only not in her bed but on the couch bed where we could be heard and watched for punishment. It was a rough night of tossing and turning and sometime in

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The Hatman: His Identity Revealed

Have you seen the Hatman? Have you seen other shadow beings? If so what do they mean? What should be done about them? The Hatman: His Identity Revealed is the culmination of over 20 years of research into the Hatman phenomenon. After carefully reading, researching and experiencing the Hatman and other shadow beings over the last two decades, Timothy M. Brown, Jr. now offers his understanding of exactly who or what these beings are, in his new book The Hatman: His Identity Revealed.

There will be no cost for the book. If you are interested in receiving a copy as soon as it is released, click the button to the right. You will be added to our mailing list and you will be sent a copy of the book as soon as it is complete.

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