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Hello. My name is Timothy M. Brown, Jr. and I am the site owner, administrator, and researcher for The Hat Man Project. The purpose of this site is to research the phenomenon that has come to be known as “The Hat Man.” Reports of The Hat Man and other shadow beings have been on the rise within the last several decades. It was due to my own experience with this being, as well as my awareness of other people’s sightings of The Hat Man that I decided to begin this research project.

I started this project in 2001, collecting what few stories I could find on the web at the time. Since that time, this site has received hundreds of stories from people all over the world. It has taken me the better part of 20 years to fully understand what this phenomenon is all about. And after years of research I have finally come a conclusion of who or what the Hatman is, why he is appearing now, why he is appearing to people all over the world, and what to do if you are (or have had) and encounter with him.

I am currently writing a book about the Hatman called The Hatman Revealed. In this book I plan to go into detail about the commonalities of the many hundreds of stories we’ve received over the years and what those commonalities reveal about this being and phenomenon. There will be no cost for this book, and I believe that this has become more of a mission of mine more than anything else. This information needs to get out there.

The aim of this website is to explore the stories of the many sightings that have been reported. This is the very first and only web site solely devoted to researching, collecting, and archiving information and stories relating to The Hat Man. As more stories are researched and collected they will be posted on this site regularly.

Have you seen the Hatman? If you or anyone you know has had this experience, we would love to hear from you and add your story to this site. If you have a sighting or an encounter you would like to tell, please post your story here to the right of this page. Once reviewed we will post it online and give others a chance to comment on it. We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to reach out to us personally, you may do so by contacting us here.

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Here Are The Most Recent Hatman Stories

If you have a story of an ancounter with the Hatman or any shadow being, please feel free to write it in the story submission section above.
We read all the stories that come in, and with your permission, we would love to add it to the archive of stories here.

A NDE with the Hatman

By |June 5th, 2023|

In 1994 I had NDE that involved wrecking my vehicle, and at one point I witnessed a shadow figure driving it before the wreck. It appeared male, there was no face it appeared to be wearing a trenchcoat that was all one shade of infinite black and was wearing a tall wide-brimmed hat. It seemed intent on its task of driving and did not respond to me when I spoke to it. The whole experience would take up too much space, so keeping it very brief. I had never heard of shadow figures prior to this, and only heard of

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The Tall Man in the Funny Hat

By |June 5th, 2023|

When I was about six years old I was at my grandma's house, I was playing with my toy cars like I always did while there. I always played in the same spot right on the edge of her kitchen and dining room, mostly because there was a slope leading into the dining room so I would use that slope to race my cars down. And after the races go collect my cars and start over, but this night was definitely different. As the last two cars went down the slope one of them went a little deeper into the

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The Hatman Was Angry

By |June 3rd, 2023|

Like many others have said on here. I too thought I was the only person that experienced the Hat Man. I began seeing the Hat man in my teenage years when my family added a new room onto the house. I moved my room in there and it began shortly after. He would walk by the door and I would see his silhouette as he passed by. Sometimes stopping to glance in the room, and sometimes he’d walk right by. I might see him a few times a month, always at night. After a while he began to not just

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My Sleep Demon

By |June 2nd, 2023|

When I was 16 I had a spell of sleep paralysis that lasted around 3 months. It started with me having a hard time falling asleep. Eventually, I would start to drift off and when I would wake back up I would notice a dark figure in the corner of my room. I have heard that people can not move when they're having an experience, but in my case, I don't know if I could or not I just had the feeling that I shouldn't. Similar to a spider crawling across you and you didn't want to provoke it. This

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The Hatman Came for My Aunt

By |June 2nd, 2023|

Hi, a couple of years back I had an encounter with The Hatman and I wanted to share it here to see if it had happened to anyone else like this. I was at my Aunt's place (let's just call her 'A' for short), and it was actually her birthday. We were staying there for a night or two, and when I was asleep the night after her birthday, I got awoken by an unsettling presence I felt in the room with me. I looked around freely, I wasn't paralyzed like many people describe. I looked around, and in the

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Dark Brim Hat

By |June 2nd, 2023|

I am a 45-year-old man, and my story happened when I was about 29 years old and I still have nightmares about it. I lived alone at the time in a 3 bed 2 bathroom home in Republic Missouri. I had a son that stayed with me every other weekend, and he stayed in one of the bedrooms. I had created a video gaming room out of one of the extra bedrooms so we would have a place to hang out. One day I was hanging out in the playroom playing a video game. I was the only person in

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The Black Figures Are Different

By |June 2nd, 2023|

I have had a number of encounters with the black figures including the one known as The Hatman. The first was one night when my daughter (who has also encountered the figures) are sitting in the living room. I'm sitting sideways to face her and she is facing me. I glance over to the kitchen and at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling is the black as the black figure. Its lower body is around the corner and its head and arms are somewhat stretched out. It has long fingers and is stuck to the wall

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Encounters With The Hat Man

By |June 2nd, 2023|

Hi everyone, I’m new to this community and wanted to share some of my personal experiences to see what other people who have experienced this might have to say about it, I had no idea this has happened to other people until literally last night where I stumbled on a YouTube reel of a pastor talking about sleep paralysis, and ironically in the comments, everyone saying they’ve had many experiences parallel to my own where they had sleep paralysis and once they called on Jesus in their mind, were released from it. I’ve had this happen many times where either

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Burnt Faced Hat Man

By |June 2nd, 2023|

One night I was sleeping in the living room of my family’s trailer home when I suddenly woke up from my sleep. When I woke I had a strange feeling like something was there with me. I’ve had night terrors as a kid and have had interactions with entity’s before so the feeling was familiar and I knew something was there. Without hesitation, it felt like I already knew where to look. I raised my head out of bed and looked towards the living room TV and my great grandma's plant in the corner of the living room. That’s when I

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The Hatman: His Identity Revealed

Have you seen the Hatman? Have you seen other shadow beings? If so what do they mean? What should be done about them? The Hatman: His Identity Revealed is the culmination of over 20 years of research into the Hatman phenomenon. After carefully reading, researching and experiencing the Hatman and other shadow beings over the last two decades, Timothy M. Brown, Jr. now offers his understanding of exactly who or what these beings are, in his new book The Hatman: His Identity Revealed.

There will be no cost for the book. If you are interested in receiving a copy as soon as it is released, click the button to the right. You will be added to our mailing list and you will be sent a copy of the book as soon as it is complete.

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