This happened to me a couple of months ago and has since left me more fearful than anything. Instead of happening at night, it occurred around sunrise. I saw a shadow with what appeared to be a smiley face, unlike a featureless shadow. It had a hat and was staring at me while I laid in bed, trying to sleep. When I saw it, I felt scared but not paralyzed with fear. The shadow was moving back and forth in the closet, almost as if it was peaking at me or playing a game of peek-a-boo. It lasted for a couple of minutes until I finally looked away, and then it disappeared.

The strangest thing is that after that encounter, whenever I tried to get some sleep, I would hear voices saying my name, preventing me from falling asleep. These voices would be loud, and they always startled me awake right when I was about to doze off. I was so disturbed by this occurrence that I even told my mother. I have experienced paranormal activities in the past, so I can’t help but feel like something might be attached to me. It is important to understand that these things are dangerous, and it’s best not to try to communicate with them.

These shadows caused me to attempt suicide, an aspect of my experience that I have never shared with anyone before because I know they would never believe me. But I am absolutely certain that their goal is to harm and take you with them. Where they intend to take you, I do not know. Not yet.