I have seen the Hatman multiple times throught my life. The first time I remember seeing him was when I was about 10 just outside of Florence Alabama. We were on a vacation sleeping at my grandma’s house and I was on the couch. I remember waking up and having this overwhelming sense of fear. I looked outside and there was the Hatman leaning against the light pole. I remember staring out there for what felt like hours and he never moved. I went and got my mom because I was still scared and she came and looked and he wasn’t there anymore

The second and third time I saw him I had to be about 14-15. This time in Michigan, I was sleeping and had this overwhelming sense of fear again. Opened my eyes and couldn’t move. I heard one of those child toys that has 2 wheels with balls that pop as you push it. It got louder and louder and eventually it stopped. This time I only saw Hatman for a second. He bent over and put a present next to my door and he vanished. I was still unable to move for what felt like about an hour. When I was able to move again I blinked and the present disappeared. The third time was very similar to the second except I couldn’t hear the toy, only foot steps. He left a present then also and the same thing happened.

Now the fourth time is when it really started to get scary. I was about 18-19 I believe. I felt that same sense of fear again and my eyes opened. I couldn’t move, I saw him walking toward me. He got right next to my bed and stopped. He was just standing there and it felt like he was looking at me. He stayed for about 15-20 minutes and just vanished. I was left unable to move for what felt like 20-30 more minutes. I believe this was the last time I saw him. I’m 27 now and all of this feels like it was yesterday.