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Hello. My name is Timothy M. Brown, Jr. and I am the site owner, administrator, and researcher for The Hat Man Project. The purpose of this site is to research the phenomenon that has come to be known as “The Hat Man.” Reports of The Hat Man and other shadow beings have been on the rise within the last several decades. It was due to my own experience with this being, as well as my awareness of other people’s sightings of The Hat Man that I decided to begin this research project.

I started this project in 2001, collecting what few stories I could find on the web at the time. Since that time, this site has received hundreds of stories from people all over the world. It has taken me the better part of 20 years to fully understand what this phenomenon is all about. And after years of research I have finally come a conclusion of who or what the Hatman is, why he is appearing now, why he is appearing to people all over the world, and what to do if you are (or have had) and encounter with him.

I am currently writing a book about the Hatman called The Hatman Revealed. In this book I plan to go into detail about the commonalities of the many hundreds of stories we’ve received over the years and what those commonalities reveal about this being and phenomenon. There will be no cost for this book, and I believe that this has become more of a mission of mine more than anything else. This information needs to get out there.

The aim of this website is to explore the stories of the many sightings that have been reported. This is the very first and only web site solely devoted to researching, collecting, and archiving information and stories relating to The Hat Man. As more stories are researched and collected they will be posted on this site regularly.

Have you seen the Hatman? If you or anyone you know has had this experience, we would love to hear from you and add your story to this site. If you have a sighting or an encounter you would like to tell, please post your story here to the right of this page. Once reviewed we will post it online and give others a chance to comment on it. We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to reach out to us personally, you may do so by contacting us here.

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Here Are The Most Recent Hatman Stories

If you have a story of an ancounter with the Hatman or any shadow being, please feel free to write it in the story submission section above.
We read all the stories that come in, and with your permission, we would love to add it to the archive of stories here.

A Tall Thin Man With A Beard

By |December 11th, 2023|

I randomly looked up this topic. One of my great grandmothers on my mom's side (my mother's mother's mother) would occasionally see a tall, thin man with a beard wearing a stove pipe hat. She stated that his clothing style and personal appearance reminded him of Abraham Lincoln's time period. She would wake up to him standing at the bottom of her bed pulling on the blanket. My father on several occasions saw what he said was a man in a hat walking though the house or the yard. He saw this figure at my house one time too. He

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The Lurker in the Shadows

By |December 11th, 2023|

I lived in a home in NJ that was built on land used during the revolutionary war. Many things were seen and heard by every family member. One evening in 2017 I sat in the hall way with my children folding clothes. I saw the hatman out of the corner of my left eye standing in my bedroom door way. When I turned my head to look at it straightforward I sensed that it realized I saw it(and I wasnt supposed to)it literally just vanished. I hadn't taken benadryl, any other drugs or alcohol. It creeped me out.

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The Hat Man: Bogotá Colombia 1988

By |December 11th, 2023|

I was 8 years old, 1988, Bogotá Colombia; I saw him the same way many others have had. I was playing in the living room of my house, and he appeared in the window outside in the patio. He was wearing a big hat and had bright red eyes. He looked at me. It was an unforgettable terror. I could only scream and run.  I know 2 other people who say they saw this figure with the hat and red eyes and they were not sleeping. It is not an apparition from a dream.

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Abraham Lincoln

By |November 18th, 2023|

I was born in 1959 and raised by a single mother with one sibling. Unfortunately, our little home of three was filled with depression, physical abuse, anger, and neglect. As a young girl, I didn't understand what was happening in our household. Sometime in the mid to late 1960s, I started noticing a figure behind my door at night. I was very young and lived in constant fear. To alleviate my worries, I slept with my door open so I could only see the figure's shoulders and above. He was very tall and wore a top hat, similar to Abraham

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Hatman Woke Me From Sleep as a Child

By |November 18th, 2023|

I recently discovered that others have also seen the "hatman" phenomenon, and I feel a great sense of relief knowing that my experiences as a child with this entity were not just singular and perhaps a figment of my imagination. Back in the early 1990s, when I was between the ages of 10-12, I was asleep on my side with my back to the side of the bed when I felt someone tap my shoulder, causing me to wake up. As I turned to look, I saw a shadowy figure with a top hat standing over my bed. Alarmed and

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The Blue Hatman

By |November 18th, 2023|

When I was about 10-12 my family lived on an acreage in a big house. The bedrooms were all upstairs. My bedroom down the hall with my door facing my parents. I had woken up to a blue light in the hallway. This had made me scared so I went to my parents room and climbed into their bed. I was sitting upright tucking myself in when a tall blue glowing mist like man in a top hat and came appeared. He was wearing a long sort of coat, maybe a pea coat or duster. He was leaned slightly over

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I Didn’t Know He Had A Name

By |November 18th, 2023|

Last night, my night terror once again scared the shit out of me. Since childhood, I have experienced this man and always tried to explain that I believe someone is following me without me looking crazy. This Hatman has stuck with me because, in 2010, a black entity (I called him the black man) appeared in my mind or vision and told me to slit my husband's throat. At that time, I was going through many family issues, and my father just got caught having an affair. The following day, I had a nervous breakdown and went into a catatonic

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The Retreating Shadow Figures

By |November 18th, 2023|

I believe it was late May or early June of 2008. I was working for a Christian camp in Alabama and living in a house down the road from the camp with my wife and 2 children (at that time). One night I was awakened by the activation of the motion light on the back of my house. I thought an armadillo had activated the light, as had happened many times before. These pesky creatures had been tearing up my lawn, so I slipped into my sandals, grabbed my shotgun, and stepped onto my back porch to eliminate the creature.

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Agent Hatman

By |November 18th, 2023|

This has taken a long time for me to go public with, but I have been having a lot of synchronicities recently which are guiding me to be more open about my experiences with the Other Side. After several emotional and physical traumatic incidents in my life, I began noticing my ESP was at an all time high. I found a therapist who was retired from the Air Force and specializes with patients with severe PTSD. He never directly told me he was involved in the program, but he alluded to project Star Gate many times in our sessions. He

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The Hatman: His Identity Revealed

Have you seen the Hatman? Have you seen other shadow beings? If so what do they mean? What should be done about them? The Hatman: His Identity Revealed is the culmination of over 20 years of research into the Hatman phenomenon. After carefully reading, researching and experiencing the Hatman and other shadow beings over the last two decades, Timothy M. Brown, Jr. now offers his understanding of exactly who or what these beings are, in his new book The Hatman: His Identity Revealed.

There will be no cost for the book. If you are interested in receiving a copy as soon as it is released, click the button to the right. You will be added to our mailing list and you will be sent a copy of the book as soon as it is complete.

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