I was 15, living in a small apartment with my single mother and my much younger sister. My sister and I shared a room, but she liked to sleep in my mom’s room.

One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to use the restroom. As I passed my mom’s room where she and my sister were fast asleep, I glanced inside and witnessed what I now believe was the hatman.

He stood tall, perhaps around 6’3″, but not overly so. His presence seemed darker than black, only revealing an outline of his figure. I could somehow sense that he was masculine and dressed in an elegant, dapper suit, unlike the trench coat others have described. He wore a hat, possibly a fedora or a trilby.

Strangely, I could perceive his face as an outline of both a goat’s head and a man’s face simultaneously. It was a perplexing blend. He appeared to be standing there, observing my mom and sister. However, as I felt his head turn, I knew he noticed me. Though I couldn’t detect any distinct features, fear gripped me. Oddly, I didn’t feel like he held any interest in me. Quietly, I retreated to my room without using the restroom.

The silhouette of this ‘man’ remained etched in my memory, and to this day, recalling the incident sparks fear within me. I hesitated to share my experience with anyone, sometimes even questioning if it had been a mere dream. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon similar stories online that I realized I wasn’t alone.

It was hard to believe there was a phenomenon known as the hatman; I had no knowledge of it at the time. Since learning about it, I’ve always pondered why he appeared that night. What was his purpose? Was he there for my mom? My sister? Considering the challenging life my mom had, those questions linger in my mind.