So one night I was sleeping in bed and i all of a sudden heard steps coming down my hallway…like cowboy boots….as the floor switched to carpet into the hallway i could not hear it too much but literally 2seconds later i look at my room door…and there stood a tall mans silhouette seemingly as i could tell he had a trench coat and cowboy hat on but i could not see his face for some reason.

As i layed there staring at him its like he was just staring back…it gave me an eerry feeling like goosebumps and my hair standing on my arms. I didn’t know what to do so i literally jetter through the silhouette to my mothers room but he was no longer there. That was the most SCARY feeling ove ever felt in my life.

Of course my parent brushed it off like i was lying or something..but 23 years later i still cant get it out of my head. So i searched his description and your site popped upand as i read it all those same goosebumps came up again.

Thank you for sharing and not making me feel like im crazy.