When I was younger I had a dream where a shadow man wearing a hat was chasing me, in my dream I hide from him but he found me as if he knew i was there the whole time, he grabbed me and lifting me as if I was a made of air, then I woke up.

Later on I was sleeping a few years ago and when i woke up I saw a extremely large hooded figure it wasn’t the hatman it was something else. I didn’t see his face but he kept pointing at me with a skeleton finger as if he were treating me then he just disappeared.

In another country another thing happened with my sister and my mother. my sister was asleep and when my mother saw three hooded figures walking in the hallway, walking to my sisters room and standing around my sisters bed then they disappeared, my mother got so scared that she turned on all the light and said, that there something in the house.

Later on when my sister moved with me in my house and one of the religious people holds a cross to her and threatens to fight if she didn’t leave or go away, also a while later my sister did something very bad against me.

What does it mean is the hooded figure evil and the hat man good, does my sister have a demon in her, if someone has any answers please tell me.

p.s. I’ve seen three spiritual advisors and they all said that something very powerful is standing behind me.

— Susan