So I don’t know really where to begin with this, but I’ve seen two different shadow people for the majority of my life. Even as a small kid, I remember seeing things in my peripheral vision, and have had nightmares about creatures in the shadows. It never progressed further than that until I moved in with some friends of mine, and got a job at a gas station working the graveyard shift. All my other friends in the house had day jobs, so usually right as I was about to go to sleep they would be getting off work.

This led to multiple times of me staying up for more than 24 hours, sometimes going past 36 hours without sleep. During this time my mind was in a horrible spot, and I started seeing these figures more and more. I’ve never been the type to get sleep paralysis, but I’ve seen them even when im fully awake and walking around my house.

The Hat Man is a very common one, I’ve even tried having conversations with him. He will stand there and face me (I think) and seem to even motion like he understands me. He seems to be benevolent, and I’ve grown to not be as afraid of him anymore. The mean one, on the other hand, seems to like to torment me. He looks something like venom, but without as white of eyes and features. He just has jagged teeth and small white eyes. I’ll see him sometimes alone, sometimes with the Hat Man. I do not know his intentions, but just based off his appearance he always scares me when I see him. These shadow people are heavily linked to both my mental illness, and being inebriated. Thank you for reading this, and I hope others have had similar experiences with a “nice” Hat Man.