I was sleeping last night. All of a sudden I felt goosebumps all over my body. It felt like someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and saw a black figure with a square topped hat with a large brim. He was reaching out to touch me. I tried like hell to move but couldn’t. Once I was able to move I yelled out and he dissipated. Both dogs were barking towards the location where he was standing. I jumped up and looked around. I saw that it was 2:44 am.

Reluctantly I laid back down because I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. It was such an odd night from the get go. The dogs were laying up against me in bed. They rarely sleep with me and when they do they don’t stay very long. They got in as close as they could to me and wouldn’t leave. I thought it very weird for them to do that since they’ve not done that before. I’m wondering if they had an idea that he was coming.

After waking up I got to work and messaged my girlfriend about what had happened. I even drew a picture. That’s when she told me about the Hatman. I’ve never heard of him before. I’m not one to get scared easily but this thing has me completely rattled. I need more info. Why was he there? What does he want? Will he come back? I’m not kidding. I’m fucking scared. I’m not kidding either. I’ll take a lie detector test or whatever. I need answers. Please. I’m scared for my kids.