I’ve Seen the hat man about 15 years ago… Got to say I was shocked to see other people see the same thing… but I didn’t just see the hat man… I woke up one night and noticed a figure standing in the corner of the room. I thought I was seeing things so I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It was still there.. It wore a hooded cloak and its face kind of looked like a troll… Little eyes, big nose, big mouth.

Then I noticed that something was standing in front of my door. It was the hat man…” I call him the Shadow Man ” because it reminded me of an episode of “Tales From The Dark Side” where a shadow man was living under a boy’s bed…It looked just like it. It had a long duster-type coat with a big flat hat…It stood about seven feet. I couldn’t make out any features. It was completely black.

I asked what they wanted… don’t know if I was imagining it or what …. but in my head, I heard “YOU”… After I heard that, I saw the troll thing smiling…At that point, I was scared and told them to leave me alone…As soon as I said that the turned into a blueish black smoke and vanished.

— Anonymous