I saw the Hat Man in 2003. I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep with my boyfriend beside me. The bed was positioned in the bedroom with the headboard against the wall beside the bedroom door. There was a nightstand next to the bed, then the bedroom door.

I was laying there and looked up and saw the Hat Man standing behind the door. We had always kept the bedroom door open because we had a cat that would constantly want in and out of the bedroom. I had never heard about the Hat Man or shadow people and I thought I was seeing things or that it was because I had taken a sleeping pill that night. I said “there’s a man behind the door,” my boyfriend said, “shut up and go to sleep”.

That should tell you how concerned about it we were. I eventually went to sleep and thought nothing else about it. My boyfriend died in his sleep later that year. It was within a few months of this happening. I don’t know about the exact amount of time that passed because I wasn’t expecting him to die. This has been bothering me for years. How or what is the Hat Man and why did I see him?

— Anonymous