I’ve encountered the Hat Man my entire life. Since I was around 8, I clearly remember the first time I saw him. Standing by my bedroom door wearing a long coat and a hat. I told my mom, but she dismissed the situation.

I grew up in Puerto Rico, and he kept visiting me, just standing by my door watching me; at one point, I stopped being afraid of him and treated the situation like it was a friend stopping by. I never talked about it to anyone for fear of being labeled crazy. Suddenly it stopped, I didn’t see him anymore, and I haven’t since.

Fast forward around ten years later, living in North Carolina, my daughter (18yo ) told me that during a sleep paralysis, she saw a man with a coat and a hat staring at her. Every detail she gave me was the exact description of my visitor for many years in the past. I decided to google it, looking for answers, meaning, or something explaining these encounters. To my surprise, I came across this page; I was not alone. We aren’t crazy. The Hat man is real.