One night i was walking, tripping on lsd, and i realized the dark got darker and the air got hard and stale. When i looked at my buddy i was with, he was shivvering and looked scared. I looked behind me and about 10 feet behind us, never closer stood a tall man with a long coat a small top hat and a cane but this was no man, just a shadow the lights passed through. He just followed making the others… dark hounds and other entities crawled from shadows and stared at us waiting for courage to leave.

Another account with this man was at my old house when i was young and he would just watch, he couldnt hurt me but he hurt my family. The hoof prints all around the house, the black hole eyes, the heavy feeling is all to familiar and i dont love this being, i have a dark suspicion he is the satan himself. If you read this beware he is not a friend he will latch on if you let him. Hes been with me since i was born in 2001.