While living on base in Anchorage Alaska I saw a tall man in my bedroom twice. One night I woke up to who I thought was my husband standing at the foot of our bed. I called out my husband’s name and heard him groan next to me. I quickly looked at my husband then back to the figure but it had vanished. About a week later I woke again to see a tall man standing next to the bed on my husbands side. This time I could see that the man appeared to be wearing a top hat and trench coat. I saw my husband laying next to me so I knew it wasn’t him. A few seconds passed and one of my dogs woke and began to growl in the direction of the figure. The figure then swung his coat over himself and disappeared I have not seen him since. I later described the incident to my parents and they told me as a child I would see a figure walking outside our house that I named “trench coat man”.