I saw the hat man when I was only 9 at the time I was, well not scared but I couldn’t sleep I just watched him and he watched me. We stayed like that for some time just looking at each other. After he left I fell asleep.

Then I saw him again 2 weeks later. He was in the living room and I was in the kitchen mom and dad were gone, and my sister was upstairs. I didn’t mind him if he was like 10 feet away. Then the phone rang and as my sister came he left. I gasped I told my sister and all she said was that I was crazy. 1 year later it was an afternoon, yes I said afternoon, not the night I was at the park. I was alone and he was there looking at me. I looked back. Then went back to my drawing. I didn’t see him again till this year. He was in my bedroom just looking at me and I looked back and said,” Goodnight.” that was it I could fall asleep without thinking much about him. I’ll tell you what he looked like. He was like a shadow. He had a big hat, not long, but big. He had eyes but it was hard every time I saw him it was a different color. Even if he’s a ghost or whatever I think he’s a protector he hasn’t hurt me, and he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s been there for me when I was alone, and yes the times at night that he was there I was sad, but seeing him there I got happy. He’s like my saver I lose my thoughts and my hopes but I want to see him again. I write about him a lot, and even if the people I call my friends couldn’t care less, I won’t stop telling them about him. I have to tell someone. I write mostly about him and I draw him too. I just hope people don’t think I’ve gone crazy, and I haven’t told my parents, they just think I’m…like they would say,” Different, that’s all.” I hope I’ll see him again, I hope I can see him every night.

— Andolina