I live in Australia and the only time I have seen the Hat Man was when I was a teenager living with my family. I never had any paranormal experiences, night terrors, or sleep paralysis. I don’t recall any significant events around this time in my life except for when my best friend in another state had attempted suicide and subsequently became an amputee due to her injuries – I think this was after seeing the Hat Man, but I’m not sure how long after.

I was laying in bed one night and a dark shadow of a tall man with a wide brimmed hat, and a long coat/cape entered my room. I was facing the door and my bed was in the middle of the room because my walls were getting painted. The shadow stood in the corner of my doorway for a few seconds, as I’m usually scared of paranormal stuff I decided to close my eyes and try to sleep. When I closed my eyes I had an out of body experience where I was looking down at myself in the bed from the perspective of a tall person standing in front of my face.

I mentioned it to my family soon after as my mum is superstitious and believes in spirits. She brushed it off but I didn’t expect my older brother to speak up. He told me that when he was younger and staying in that same room (we liked to swap rooms every now and then), he saw the same man of the exact same description. My brother said he thought it was our uncle who was living with us at the time. When he saw the Hat Man he pulled his blanket up to cover most of his face and stared up at the figure standing over his bed.

We thought this was a unique experience and we’re amazed to see that other people have encountered Hat Man. I even sent my brother a picture of the Hat Man that I saw, and he said it was the exact same figure he saw. It makes me feel nauseous to look at the photo.

Neither of us have seen the Hat Man again and we’re still looking for answers.