My story is from Santiago, Chile. It happened this year, at the beginning of 2022. I saw him too!

That night, I was with my daughter and my dog, there was a party somewhere nearby but we fell asleep with all that noise as background. So at one point during the night the quiet night woke me up… “oh, finally they stopped the party” I thought. And a ray of light entered the room, maybe a police car light or a final party flashing light, I don’t know. But that light was reflected on “something” in the bedroom door gap… and I saw him… he was peeking through that gap standing in the bedrooms hall, looking directly at me. He was tall, dressed all in black, with maybe a trench coat, a wide-winged hat… and a pair of big sunglasses (!) there’s where the light reflected. I could see all the features of his lower mid-face, the shape of his face, his mouth, he wore no beard, and he seemed a mid aged man, in his mid-fourties. He never talked to me, nor did he move.

I sat on the bed and felt a freezing stream of terror throughout my body. I felt as if all my blood traveled to my head, and I felt it both cold and hot. Maybe as an effort to focus my whole attention to that very calm man who just by staring at me caused me one of the biggest panic attacks of my life. I thought of my daughter who was laying asleep next to me in my bed, but didn’t take a look at her because I was just too alert of that man’s movements. I knew I didn’t know him, but just so I could see some reaction I aimed to ask him “Honey, is that you?” referring to my husband… but because I was still “asleep” the words didn’t quite come out. However, by doing that effort I tried to cough to recover my voice and he was gone.

I “woke up” sitting on my bed in the same posture as I was in a moment before in my dream. The feeling of terror was very strong for a couple of months and just now I’m starting to regain a sense of “calmness” at night. I swear I didn’t know anything about this, just today I found out he “was a thing”. But… what is he?? Some kind of archetype?