Hello, I’m 16 years and I live in Switzerland. A couple of months ago I was in my bed and I was looking at my phone. It was almost midnight and I decided to go to sleep. I put out the light and was laying in my bed, ready to sleep, I closed my eyes and suddenly this image flashed in my mind.  I saw writings (similar to runes) written in red on a wall, like blood. I couldn’t read them, and I was completely scared so I sat up in bed to wake up, I figured I was having a short nightmare.  The next night when I was ready to sleep, in the dark and I saw the face of a man briefly emerge from the shadows, then it quickly disappeared. I can’t really describe it but it was frightening and was very quick.  I was really scared and I talked to my mom, but she didn’t completely believe me.

The third night in a row this was happening I saw The Hat Man. It was almost midnight and I laid awake in bed, ready to sleep but somehow unable to do so. I suddenly saw this dark grey silhouette of a tall, thin man with short dark hair and a high top hat and an old-time Victorian suit. He didn’t move or speak, he wasn’t moving just looking at me. I was terrified and was wondering if it was really real, I was so scared yet somehow I managed to tell him to leave and he suddenly became angry, I saw it in his eyes. He reached out a hand, palm open to me with an angry look and he touched me, then he disappeared.  I was terrified, wide awake, and I wanted to put on the light next to my bed but my body couldn’t move at all. I was completely paralyzed.

I had to wait five minutes and then I put on the light and I ran into my parent’s bedroom crying and upset. It was a bit complicated for me because my parents wanted to help me but they weren’t completely convinced I wasn’t imagining things. They didn’t believe in this kind of spirit so at the beginning I was a bit alone with that. After that, my spiritual gifts really grew and I learned how to protect myself so now it is ok. I still regularly see spirits in my bedroom and occassionally I feel that some people talk to me or touch me but don’t remember who or why.  Yesterday a friend of mine told me that what I saw was The Hat Man. Do you know why he’s bothering people? What does he want?