When I was around 8-12 yrs old (now 47) I used to see “The Old Man” standing in the door or hallway at night. The Old man was dressed and had the appearance of The Hat Man. I never felt fear 0r nerves, he was just there watching. Then 20 yrs later, while I was teaching in a Christian high school the girls began to tell us about this dark figure bothering them at night, another teacher and myself got the kids together, now both boys and girls, to pray. As we prayed this dark old man appeared in the middle of our circle. As the story goes, The kids were no longer bothered at night.

Last year I saw him again, this time more dream-like, He was standing over my father. I prayed every which way and have not been bothered, neither has my father. Then last week I Watched Haunted Highway on SYFY Channel, and watched that girl at Standing Rock draw exactly what I had seen for years. Old Man, Hat Man, Dark Man, Tall Man. Seem to be one and the same?

–Jeff W.