When I was 35 years old my wife and I were sleeping in our bedroom. At the time we lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia back in 2016. My 3 month year old son slept in a bassinet next to my wife’s side of the bed.

For some reason, I JUMPED out of bed and wheeled around as fast as I could and saw what I described as the man in the black hat. I have never felt fear like I had at that moment. The instant I saw him he disappeared as suddenly as I detected him. He was so dark that he was blacker than the night. I could clearly see his outline which is how I saw what appeared to be a “man” in a trench coat and fedora.

This hat man was pure evil. I could feel it in my bones and makes my skin crawl as I sit here and write this. Looking back after the original shock, what scares me most is that he stood over my son. Not bending over, but standing next to the bassinet just “looking”.

It scares me to think what might of happened if I didn’t have that sixth sense, for a lack of a better term, to detect his presence. My son and I have a very tight bond which might just be his saving grace.

In any case, I wanted to share my story to help archive and contribute to the research being conducted. Best of luck, and hopefully if you’re reading this you haven’t or never will see what I saw because it NEVER leaves you.