I’ve always had a recurring dream about the Hat Man. I woke up screaming to this dream when I was a bit younger.

In the dream, it’s pitch black all around and I can only see the outline of a tall man in a long coat and wide-brimmed hat. It feels like I am only the size of his boot and looking up at him, terrified. I can never make out a face, just the white outline of him. He is screaming at the top of his lungs, and the voice is very deep and it plays out in slow motion. The loudness of this dream has always overwhelmed me and I would wake up scared half to death and crying/screaming. I had no idea that anyone else has seen the “Hat Man” (which I’m glad now has a name), until I was talking to my brother-in-law about ghosts and he told me he’s seen a guy out of the corner of his eye, in doorways and windows, since he was little. I asked what he looked like and he described to me the same guy in my dreams. I haven’t had a Hat Man dream since about the sixth grade and I’m a senior in high school now, but just now decided to look it up to see if other people have heard of him, to my surprise, there have been many sightings, reading other people’s stories, I noticed that the hat man has been seen by people when they were young…I wonder why he makes himself known at such an early age.

— Sarah