I believe I may of saw what could be a variation of the ‘Hatman’ a couple of years ago.

I was home alone roughly the age of 20, I woke up to a large amount of scratching on my bedroom door, been a little anxious I had our dog in the room with me so I assumed it was the dog and he needed letting outside, however he was fast asleep on a small sofa kept in the corner of my room as I looked round the bedroom I saw a dark figure wearing a tattered coat and hat both appeared to be weathered leather, he looked dirty as though he had just crawled out the ground, I froze and couldn’t breathe for about 10 seconds he started to turn his head at me I caught the side of his face in the darkness he had what appeared to be a sinister smirk on his face which still gives me chills to even think about, he lunged at me I could smell his breath, I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again and he was gone, I was completely awake and to afraid to go back to sleep.

The strange thing is I had nightmares leading up to this, my bedroom is downstairs in an ground floor extension onto our home which was originally a vicarage dating back hundreds and hundreds of years ago, I dreamt I was upstairs at the time when my dog ran into an upstairs doorway above this extension (this isn’t actually there as the extension as previously mentioned is just on the ground floor), the room was dark and sinister and I could only see through a half open door that I couldn’t open further, I heard my dog crying out but there was nothing I could do, it broke my heart and i felt helpless.

The next dream was far less in depth, I looked out of a window by our front door to see this ‘hatman’s’ silhouette holding a lantern towards the windows as though searching for me I remember feeling crippling anxiety in both dreams and woke up desperate to catch my breath.

This has bled into my everyday life since occurring, I feel as though he haunts me. For example I will turn and see his shadow around places such as work, home and friends homes too, this happens regularly and I often have nightmares where he is just standing there at different points in the room for a couple of seconds and I wake up frozen in fear and fighting for breath, I smoke cigarettes and often when stood outside I can hear footsteps and have had stones seemingly drop at my feet on countless occasions, the scariest part is this happens regularly and no matter where I am. If anyone has any experiences similar to mine please comment and let me know I’d love to know more about this entity that’s seemingly haunting me through life.

Thank you for reading,