As a young child between 1st-7th grade I used to see this shadow man. At first I would see him passing by lit door ways, some times I would see him at night, during the day. One time I remember I was at my friends house and he walked right past the front window of her house and the crazy thing is SHE asked me first if I had seen it and I was like ??? You saw that too?

Anyways years go by I tell my family they think I’m crazy, fast forward to a very drunken night junior year of highschool telling ghost stories and my friend brings up how she used to see a man with a top hat and a coat? So I’m like tf go on google and found a WHOLE forum/group of people who had also saw him but that’s not what got me, I started BALLING when I saw the picture of hat man and he was exactly how I saw him. Literally!!!! I screenshotted the picture and sent it to my family and now they finally believe me.