Hi, my name is Harley and last year i was watching TV Alone on the living room, It was around 2:00-3:00AM and in the side of the living there is a huge window with view to the house deck, i heard a weird sound and when i looked to the window he was there! He was tall and wore a overcoat and a hat he was all Black and could only see his eyes, but they werent “normal eyes” they were Just two shiny dots.

Honestly, i am already used to see these kind of thing so i didnt got that much scared but still there i felt a bad and “dark” energy. On the day after i was walking to the outside of the house and i saw him again! But this time i saw him on one of the hallway doors, after this day i saw him other times too for one week but after this i dont rememeber seeing him again.