It was like any other day; I decided to lie down and get some sleep before I had to go to work on the night shift. As I was about to fall asleep, I hit my sleep paralysis. It started off with a noise that sounded like a helicopter blade or plane engine, then I started seeing black and white light flashing. As I fell deeper into sleep paralysis, the noise got louder, but I had a dream while it was happening. I was in a public bathroom and, as I walked in, I saw two black shadows; one had long black hair, and the other, I couldn‘t clearly see. As I closed the door, the long black-haired shadow charged at me with a knife and started knocking at the door. As I struggled to lock it, I managed to, at this time, the noises were getting louder. Then, the same dream happened again and, this time, I wasn‘t able to lock the door, so I held it closed. At this time, the noises were immensely loud, and the black shadow was crawling under my stall. At this very moment, everything went grey. I saw that I was on my side, so I looked to my left and there, I saw him leaning over me, looking at me; it was about 5 seconds then, in a flash, I woke up. I quickly pulled my phone out and searched the web for “sleep paralysis with a man in a hat“, and the results that popped up were, in fact, what I saw. I‘ve had many episodes of this, but never to a point where I had one hovering over me. I‘ve had events where I would see them charging me as I was laying down, at the corner of my eye, but I‘d always wake up before anything happened. It was an experience I wish to never have again. That‘s when I looked on Facebook and found the community and thought I‘d post my experience.