I am guessing the first time I would’ve been very young 3-4-5? So that would put it 1979,1980s. It continued from then until I was about 11, I loved my bedroom. House was still haunted somewhat but no more yellow man. He was More frequent in the summer but would happen all year. I remember telling my mom about the yellow man, because at the time I couldn’t properly communicate exactly what I was seeing. He was a black figure sometimes had red eyes sometimes didn’t, the yellow came from the street light glow behind him.

Grew up in a 2 story older house which occasionally felt haunted, yellow man would appear at the window on the right. I remember I would be sleeping something would wake me up and I would look out that window and see him just staring in, There were trees outside the window and its almost like he was in the trees but super tall.sometimes floating. When you are little everything seems much bigger. I would be paralyzed from fear yet wide awake and sometimes was brave enough to hide, then I would go around the corner to the top of the stairs and jump the entire flight of stairs. Stairs had a tiny narrow landing but I never got hurt doing this. There was a tik tok video of a girl saying she could remember being able to jump like this when she was a kid too so I know I am definitely not the only one who could do it. Just remember being terrified, feeling of dread, felt supernatural, unearthly, alien like but didn’t look like typical alien we think of today. Never really talked about it with anyone but my mom who blew it off as nightmares.

When I was little I remember telling these things whether it be yellowman or ghost things to go to the light and leave me alone, I am not going with them, stay away from me, things like that. I would sometimes say it out loud or in my head over and over.

After I moved out of the house she had it blessed by a priest because the supernatural entities ramped up when I left. My niece, SIL and mom saw all different ghosts. The yellow man was the scariest of all the experiences in that house.

I don’t feel as uneasy as I used to prior to the house being blessed but over the years I have purposely put any feelings of entities out of my mind. I don’t want to deal with them, some people like that they are attracted to them, I do not. Not sure thats its not pure evil because its never a happy feeling. Always a feeling of dread. And to me thats not my idea of fun.

Knowing what I know now about hauntings and places I would say that house had a rooted spirit(s) not a memory ghost. I had lived two other places where spirts pass through and when they do I deal with them accordingly!