My husband and I were in a long hallway waiting for test results for my baby who I just gave birth to. He was very sick. I was sitting down on a bench outside of the room the testing was being done.

A very tall dark figure with a tall black hat and cape walked by us in broad daylight. No one else seem to notice it as they didn’t react to it. I thought he was the angel of death, so I told my husband not to look, fearing if we looked, whatever is was thinking of bestowing upon our son, would happen. We did look out of the corner of our eyes though, and it was real. It passed through the doorway of the room the technician was in looking at the results and getting them ready for us. The tech who did the test came out but didn’t seem bothered in the slightest and never mentioned seeing it. I couldn’t believe it! I jumped up and asked her if she’d seen anything while in the room just now, but she misunderstood and said, “I’ll tell you one thing, he won’t see his bar mitzvah. He has no critical organs. I went back to my son’s room totally wrecked. She was so cold and careless in the way she delivered that news about my son, no vital organs??

My husband pulled me out of the chair and said, “Let’s go, your going for a walk outside for some air.” I was in a daze, bouncing between what we’d just seen and what we’d just heard. My husband was speaking to me but it sounded far away and I couldn’t recall anything he said. As I looked around at the beautiful Spring day around us that seemed to mock my pain, everything looked so vivid, the trees, clouds, sky. I even walked right into a tree because I was looking up and in that tree, a cross was carved. I’ve never been religious. My husband said to take it as a sign of hope that our son might turn out okay after all. I wish that had been true.

When we went back to the hospital, the doctors told us he did have his critical organs, but he had a terminal lung and liver disease. They gave him a life expectancy of about 40 years old, we thanked God for the time we’d thought we wouldn’t have and went home with our son after a few weeks. He was a beautiful baby, I wish he had stayed that way. It started out with small things he would do around the house, kids do things so we didn’t pay attention at first. Then he started hurting his brother and sister, then the animals. We spanked him, got him into treatment and counseling.. did the whole thing. But, he was diagnosed as a psychopath at the age of 19. He has caused major suffering for all of our family to the point that we had him hospitalized for a time. Eventually, he left and got into drugs, violence and jail. I don’t know why, but I believe the Devil put his mark on him that day. I think my son was supposed to die, but the Devil had work for him. God forgive us, we should have let him die.