I cannot believe that there are many other individuals who claimed to see this “hať man”… When I was about 6 years old, my mom worked for this restaurant in town. She would work late hours and have to close the restaurant. My sister and I would help her sometimes because we could take icecream home after we were done.

One time my mom gave me directions to grab a box of napkins from the basement so she could restock the tables. I walked down the stairs and looked up and saw a tall man, with some short of Fedora, or top hat, and long coat or cloak. He walked behind the shelves and I ran up the stairs to my mom because I didn’t expect to see someone down there. She thought I was crazy and paranoid.

Im pretty sure I saw the same shadow later on at my house and saw him walk from one room to the other. I never knew if it really happened or I was just seeing things. I also used to have sleep paralysis around this time. I mention this because I saw a lot of people talking about the hatman and their sleep paralysis. I never saw him in my dreams though. Atleast I don’t think I did. I shared a room with my sister and she would tell me that I scream in my sleep and could never wake me up.

I remember one time I woke up by the sink and my parents were splashing water in my face to wake me up and I had no idea what was going on… after I saw this post on Facebook about the myth of the hatman, it brought back a lot of memories.