Around 6 years ago I got up late at night and found myself extremely thirsty. I stumbled out of my room, down my hallway and into the kitchen. I drank my water and felt better and walked back through the hall to have a sudden feeling something was watching me. I turned around and saw a black figure, long black trench coat, wide brimmed hat and glowing red eyes staring at me. Frozen for a second I turned and ran back to bed, jumped in to wake my husband to tell him what I saw.

As a psychic medium I often had spirit visit me and was not afraid of seeing the departed but knew and felt this was different.

I have always had this vision in my mind and at 26 years old at the time this was something you had expect to see as a child in a scary dream. Not in waking state as an adult.

I stumbled across this website as I saw a discussion thread in a group I am in and thought I would share.

Thank you for doing this for others.