When I was about seven, I woke up in the middle of the night while sleeping with my parents. I saw a tall figure that looked like it almost reached the ceiling, it was standing by the door, and I thought it might be my grandma. But then I could see it had a big wide brimmed hat on, and what looked like a long trenchcoat so I knew it wasn’t my Grandma.  There were no facial features but the eyes did glow red, I slunk down into the covers and started to whimper but suddenly I was completely paralyzed and couldn’t move. The figure slowly raised its hand and shushed me to be quiet, I was terrified. I don’t remember what happened next but somehow I hid under the sheets and then woke up. I never told my friends about this, but told my parents years later. I don‘t believe it was sleep paralysis because I could feel everything around me and move. I don‘t think the Freddy Krueger movie had anything to do with it either, because I had never seen the movie or even seen him. I still haven‘t watched the movie.