I recall having numerous encounters with a shadowy figure in my bedroom mirror as a young girl. I would often wake thinking there was a man in a hat watching me sleep. These were often accompanied by dreams of being carried away on a pallet on the shoulders of 6 male figures, like a princess. I remember it seems as though each encounter began with the hat man in the mirror then being transported to a sunny meadow field where I would find myself atop the pallet being carried toward a shadowy barn. The experience was also accompanied by intense feelings of love and adoration that seemed wonderful at first but were really hollow, empty, and some kind of ruse. These dreams continued from the age of 10 through 15 approximately. This would occur at my friend’s homes also when I slept over. There was alot of ouija boards and paranormal encounter seeking. After that the dreams ceased until adulthood when I would experience sleep paralysis periodically.

The paralysis escalated until I realized it was a spiritual attack. I was newly born again in Jesus Christ and learned that his name was above every other name, that every knee would bow to his name.

So the next time I had paralysis, I was unable to speak, choking trying to get words out when I screamed in mind Jesus! Immediately I was released and awoke. I sought through prayer why these things had been plaguing me and found that it was the doors I had opened all the years I studied occult, read tarot, and was fully immersed into new age practices (which aren’t really “new” at all). Since then I have not had paralysis nor any visits from the Hat Man.

I did, however, start to have visions/dreams that have left me shook for days. One of the most profound was one I had last year. It was a dream of what it will be like for many at the end of this age. It featured normal looking people who quickly revealed that they were jester like characters. These clownish spirits are hunting whom they may devour. I woke startled with the phrase “They look like clowns… The Nephilim, they look like clowns”.