Nobody ever believed me when I was a kid growing up in the mid90s, my family poor and living with many relatives under one roof. Everyone said the house was haunted, but only I ever saw theHat Man‘. One night, my 12yearold cousin was babysitting us and telling us ghost stories. When the lights started to flicker, it got too much for me, so I ran across the house and into my bedroom. I wanted to hide in the closet, but when I opened the sliding doors, there he was, towering over me. He had no discernible features, apart from what looked like allwhite eyes, and I could make out the shape of his hat; he was like a dark shadow. I remember seeing his stare for a second before I fainted. When I awoke, my cousin was laughing they had found me on the floor. When I told my family about the Hat Man, they dismissed it as my child‘s imagination. It‘s strange to hear so many similar accounts of the same entity. Although I experienced a lot ofhauntings in that home, I only ever saw the Hat Man once and he was the most terrifying.