It was about 7 years ago, in the Czech Republic, in a village inside the ancient castle that is there. My dad lives there in a large courtyard with low-rise buildings of 1880, one of which is a big 3-floor white castle of the 14th century. One evening Dad was in his home sauna (located in one of the buildings), and Dad’s dog, as usual, was lying quietly in the dressing room, and suddenly got up and ran to the other room barking to the window, then ran outside and barked at the same window from the outside.

Dad followed the dog, not understanding what caused such a reaction of the dog, went out into the yard and saw a silhouette standing 3-4 meters from Dad next to this window – a tall man (about 210 centimeters in appearance), in all black – a hat with a brim and a coat, the face is not visible. Dad saw him clearly, not as a shadow or a haze. The dog was barking at this man, standing between him and Dad. Dad started shouting to the man- “Who’s here? Who are you?”, after that the silhouette disappeared.

Earlier (about 10 years ago), Dad was walking around his yard in the evening. When he was making his first walking round, he looked up at the castle (it is not residential now, no one has been living there for the last 20 years, it is empty inside with no furniture etc), a woman was looking at him from the window on the second floor (he saw her up her waist) – a beautiful face with regular features, a studying look, on her head – below – a monastic headdress of white color and triangular in shape, the hair was under this white headdress, but dad is convinced by her facial features and eyebrows that she is black-haired, he does not remember the color of her dress. Dad went for a second walking round, and looked up at the castle windows again, she was still in the window, then he went for the third round – there was no one in the window anymore. He still remembers her face, he never saw her again.