My name is Guillermo, I’m from Guatemala and this is my story about the Hatman. I can recall EVERY detail even though it was A LONG time ago. Everything I’m about to tell you is a compilation of my and my Mothers memories.

I was probably 5-6 the first time I saw it, I remember that he was first standing at my door. My parents left the doors open because there was a lot of paranormal activity going on inside the house. I saw it and my Mom tells me that I told her that I was scared. I saw it ALMOST every night! I remember him not being at my door anymore but appearing to be at the side of the bed. My two siblings slept in the same room as I did and never saw it. He stood up beside my bed and try to reach out towards me with his hand (as a friendly gesture that he wanted me to go with him) so I did. We would walk around the house with the lights off until my mom heard the noise of my voice talking to him and me walking all over the house. I always told her “estoy con el señor de sombrero mama” (I’m with The Hat Man Mom).

But what freaked them out the most is that in the middle of the night while my parents were still sleeping, would stand next to my Dad and just watch him sleep or sometimes. One time, I woke up my Father and told him that the man with the hat wanted to talk to him. They say that I was always making the gesture that I was holding hands with someone “invisible”. They NEVER believed me, or they acted like they didn’t believe me but I could tell they were scared. So my Dad started to sleep with me in my bed so I wouldn’t be able to wake up or leave my bed and wander around the house, but I always did anyway. He never heard The Hat Man come or saw him when he did, and he never woke up when I would leave my bed. My teachers started calling my parents in for meetings at the school because I would go to school just to get some sleep I was so exhausted. I always had baggy eyes because of the lack of sleep. By that time I was almost 7-8. Suddenly I stopped seeing this Hat Man. There were a lot of paranormal things in my house but it wasn’t The Hat Man anymore.

That is UNTIL… I was 13 and our parents left us alone in the house with our maid. My mom’s house is big and at the time it was in the suburbs inside a forest. I remember this experience as if it was yesterday. My brother was playing Xbox (HALO) in our room. At that time my brother and I were moved to the first level of the house and my parents and my sister stayed on the second floor. My sister was watching a high school musical and I was watching the Discovery Channel in the living room. Suddenly the power in the entire house turned off. I called for my brothers and told them that I was going to come to them so we could stay close. I went to my brother that was in the room next to the living room and we went to get some candles and called out to the maid, who was in the basement working. I told my brother to stay with the maid as I was going to go get my sister. I started walking with the candle when the lights came on again, at nearly the same time that I heard my sister screaming. I think I literally flew to get my baseball bat and went upstairs! The light on the second floor wasn’t turned on and when I got almost to the end of the staircase I saw it.

The Hat Man was super tall and almost of the size of the door. I recall it as being wide at the back, as it was a big man. It was like a cowboy hat but the ends weren’t folded. It was a straight hat and I always thought of the clothes as a detective’s black coat. I got REALLY scared and yelled at him and then I threw the bat at him. It went through him, and when the bat hit the ground the lights on the second floor came back on. I asked my sister what she saw and the description was SO accurate. It was a shadow from an old man but she knew it wasn’t human, almost as if it was solid. Didn’t have a face but she felt she was being watched by him. I remember it very detail because it was the perfect opportunity to prove to my mom that I wasn’t inventing it or it wasn’t a creation of my mind. That was the last time I saw it. By that time things in my house have gotten a lot worse. We had to leave the house from 2012 until 2013. My mom’s house had been exorcised once and there have been a lot of different experiences throughout the years. That house is still NOT clean from dark entities but my mom is still living there and she says things got “lighter”.