Hello. My name is Edward and when I was around ten or eleven, we lived in a small town west of Austin, TX. We had a trailer house that was adjacent to a house and we lived in both. One night in the spring of 78 or 79, I was sleeping in my grandma’s bed, waiting for her to come home and then go to my bed. I woke up sometimes in the late evening, upper body upright in the bed, dripping with sweat and just staring out the door of the room into the living room. I could not make out any features of what I was staring at, I was scared and terrified, frozen; I saw a figure, with a brimmed hat, long trenchcoat, no features, shadow color and dull looking. My grandmother walked into the room, right through the shadow figure and he disappeared, she saw me sitting upright, dripping with sweat, and asked me what was wrong with me. I told her I was okay and went to bed. I am 55 years old and these days I struggle to remember some things. One thing in my mind that I can vividly remember is this incident when I was a kid. Knowing that others are experiencing the same thing is really mind-blowing and it scares me a little for some reason every time I think about what happened.