When I was about 10-12 my family lived on an acreage in a big house. The bedrooms were all upstairs. My bedroom down the hall with my door facing my parents.

I had woken up to a blue light in the hallway. This had made me scared so I went to my parents room and climbed into their bed.

I was sitting upright tucking myself in when a tall blue glowing mist like man in a top hat and came appeared.

He was wearing a long sort of coat, maybe a pea coat or duster. He was leaned slightly over his cane.

He smiled somewhat pleasantly, tipped his hat and did a sort of bow with his one leg pointed out while he squatted slightly on his back leg. He then spun his cane in a kind of choreographed Broadway type of maneuver.

His whole being spun into a vortex and he vanished.

I attempted to scream but found I couldn’t make a sound for several seconds maybe a minute. As soon as I could I screamed as loud as humanly possible and woke everyone up.

Id have to confirm again but I do remember asking my siblings about that night and one of them had corroborated wierd blue light in the hall.

The weirdest part was how totally calm and almost happy I was to see this person. I was completely absorbed in his appearance, until he disappeared and the panic set in.