About 4 years ago, I had a family party outside my uncle’s house. I was told at a young age that in the basement of the house, many people have been frightened by something lurking about. I tried to ignore their stories because I like to keep a positive mindset; however, that one day during the party, my aunt told me to grab some rice from the top floor. Once I climbed all the stairs, I opened the door to the 3rd floor, and I hear my cousin’s dog under a bed, scared like never before. I then confirmed to myself that there might be a ghost in the house, since there was no other person on the floor, except for the dog and myself.

I felt an eerie feeling of being watched, but I knew that no one was in the house. Just as I was about to go and get the rice, I had a clear view of the dark living room, and as concentrated the dark living room to just checking, because why not? I experienced a horrific entity! At first, I thought the object was the pillows on the couch making the figure, but the figure was too dark to be in the living room.

I then saw the tall figure go from a sitting position to a standing position! The figure had an old-fashioned hat and had on some sort of coat. I remember seeing white eyes, but I could barely define the facial features. At once, I was frozen in fear, goosebumps all over my skin, and my energy felt as though it was being drained. I only had Jesus in my mind at my horrific time of fear, and when I snapped out of my frozen state, I grabbed the rice, and the dog, and headed downstairs to the backyard, where all my family would soon find out what happened upstairs. Since that day, I could never stop thinking about that hooded tall shadow man that I saw, only every time someone brings up ghost subjects.