One night in 1976, when I was 16 yrs. I was in bed and heard a neighbor start his motorcycle around 1:45 am. Suddenly, I heard a little kick on my bedroom door as if someone had walked in.

Well, my mom was the neighborhood watchdog. Always looking out for everyone. I suddenly notice I did not see her. I called out “Ma!”

I looked up and I saw a tall man with a black top hat and black trench coat looking right at me his arms straight down his sides. I could not move. I was frozen. I could not even scream. He then started to shuffle with little steps to the side. He went forward and then shuffled out the door backward on his side. Well, my sister came home, thank God! It was around 2:00 AM. I jumped up screaming, waking my family up! I had a flannel nightgown on and it was drenched wet from top to bottom!

I wasn’t a Christian then but I am today!