I was living in Russia, and one night a friend called me and said that her friend was behaving strangely.  So my boyfriend and I took a taxi to her apartment and when we arrived there were already 4 people there who all looked scared. My friend’s friend (who was acting weird) sat tense and did not react, just called his girlfriend on the phone and ignored all of us. The other people were preparing to leave and my friend was begging me to stay. My friend had seen this creature before and told me about it, but I wasn’t sure I believed her and until I saw him.

I had left the room where her friend was since my boyfriend was trying to talk to him and went into her living room.  I was shocked at what I saw, it was standing there staring at me in a fully lit room. He was tall, 8Ft. without clothes, and had a black face and no eyes. It just stood there staring at me, I couldn’t move or speak even though I wanted to scream for help and felt like I would collapse. I couldn’t hear anything outside the room, he never spoke but I felt him breathe. He suddenly disappeared and I was able to move and ran out of the room screaming, we all left immediately.

It has been chasing my friend for 2 years, and today I found out that my neighbor saw him as well.  (I am now in another country, and my friend stayed in Russia). The neighbor saw him in a dream already 3 times and each time he was in a black hat, a black coat and he had a suitcase. in a dream, she saw him, he grabbed her and took a scalpel from his suitcase, after which he began to cut from her shoulder to the lower abdomen. Then there was a ringing of bells and she woke up. Of the people I know, 3 people saw him while they were wide awake, not asleep. At least 4 more people I know have seen him in a dreams.

Neither blessings or prayers from Islam, or holy water and prayers from the Christian Pastor has saved them from this creature, my friend cannot drive him away, and everyone nearby sees him.