I saw the shadow hat man as a young child no older than 6. At the time I shared a bed with my parents and slept on the edge closest to the bedroom door. Now I can’t tell you how many times I saw hat man but it was certainly numerous and terrifying each time, although all’s hat man would do is just stand in the doorway and stare, he had a long dark coat and top hat with like a green fog that rolled behind him.

I would see him and be terrified as a young child, to the point of waking my mother, to then only turn back and he was gone, I felt crazy, like I was losing my mind, even as a kid I knew I was awake, I would leave stuff a certain way to prove to myself I’m not just dreaming, I knew the difference. This was something else entirely however, because it wasn’t that he was there or that he would stare, I could feel the hatred he had for me, I could feel the harm he wanted to cause but couldn’t because he wasn’t able to come in.

I remember once him pointing directly at me, frozen like a statue. I saw him often as a kid, what seemed to stop it though was after my mother told me about a dream she had where she was drawing crosses on all the doors and Windows in the house using blood. Once his visits stop I just sort of put him out of mind, never talked about him or anything, but many many years later I had a conversation with my younger sister and we were telling ghost stories we experienced and she then told the story of how she also saw the hat man, and gave the exact description of what I saw! I had never ever told her about before and had never heard her talk about it either, I was shook to say the least, and furthermore when I found out others have seen him too although no one has seen the green fog that we saw.