I experienced the hat man, but never saw him wearing a hat. I’ve had nightmares as a kid of “shadow creatures” darting through the bushes following me, and an intense fear of open doors at night while I’m sleeping, especially the closet. Growing up, I had these fears and bad dreams, but never experienced the shadow man until I was in my 20s.

I was in my late grandpas basement alone watching netflix hanging out (I lived there at the time) No one else home, late afternoon, sun still up. Looking straight ahead at the tv on the wall, the open doorway to my left (which had no actual door, just open) Randomly and suddenly, I realized a dark, all blacked out, very tall figure was standing there in the doorway. Seemed to be wearing a trench coat. I was so terrified and frozen in fear. There was an instinct in me to remain still and not look at him, or move for that matter. I felt a fear that didn’t say “run!” but, “freeze. Don’t move” as if a predator had suddenly entered the room and I was the prey. It felt as though he was just watching me and I just had this overwhelming sense of doom or danger (or both) I kept staring straight ahead until I couldn’t take it anymore, and somehow whipped my head as fast as I could to see what/who was standing there watching me in my doorway, but… he was gone. It was just in my peripheral vision, but it was terrifying.

As soon as I was aware of his presence there in the door, my very first instant reaction was a stranger had broken in. But half a second later, somehow I just knew that wasn’t the case and just sat there frozen in that fear of whatever I knew was watching me. I just KNEW it wasn’t a real person, and that made it all the more frightening.

I have no idea why this happened, I thought I was alone until today I came across information about others experiences with this “shadow/hat man”! ….That day in my grandpas basement was the last time I saw him. I didn’t even get a full on look at him. Made me feel kinda crazy when I quickly finally turned just to see nothing, a blank open doorway. One thing I know, I hope never to see him again!