I have only recently come across the phenomenon of the Hat Man when I was looking up shadow people. It was then I realized someone else has seen what I saw as a child. Thank God, over the years I have wondered if it was just my imagination but now I believe what I saw was the Hat Man.

I am 63 years old but was somewhere around 10 years old when I saw the Hat Man. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama in an old house on Red Mountain in a subdivision called Forrest Park. It was the 1960s. The house was built in the 1930s and it was a 2-story house with all the bedrooms upstairs. One night my mom instructed me it was time to go upstairs and get a bath. I remember telling her I was afraid to go upstairs by myself. My mom had often said we had ghosts who walked around in the attic which added to my fears. Because we had actually heard those steps and because sometimes I felt like something/some was watching me from my closet I was afraid to go upstairs at night by myself.

The bathroom was connected to my bedroom and the hall. I remember begging my mom not to make me go upstairs but she insisted. Consequences could be very painful in my house so I minded and went upstairs. I shut the door to the hall halfway leaving the back of the door somewhat facing me while I undressed and ran the bath water. After turning on the water I turned around to shut the door and that is when I saw the Hat Man. He was standing behind the bathroom door that connected to the hall. I remember he was a dark shadowy figure wearing a hat (fedora) and a trench coat. He did not move or say anything he just stared at me. I think for many years I remembered facial features but now I don’t. I was so scared I screamed and ran down the steps to the living room where my family was watching TV. I didn’t bother to put on any clothes. I kept screaming there is a man upstairs. I remember going back upstairs with a family member to check it out but of course, no one was there. I never saw the Hat Man again. My family used to joke that I flew down the stairs because as soon as they heard my scream I was standing in the room with them.

It may have been a joke to them but it wasn’t for me because after 53 years I still remember. I’m really glad I came across this website, thanks for letting me share.