Ok, so I have this theory about my house. We bulldozed and built our house on old farmland. In the first years we had a few run-ins with Disembodied voices, music, or the sound of running water that could not be explained. So I decided to try that thing that was in the “6th Sense” Where he has a recording of static then he turns it up and hears a ghost. Well, I tried that with an old Tape recorder. I let this thing record from midnight to 1. The first 15 minutes are nothing… after that… weird shit starts happening. You hear whispers, music, and footsteps. Shit like that, and everyone in the house was sound asleep. Now, here’s where things get interesting. I’ve seen rifts, like actual tears in the fabric of reality, where objects become skewed for brief moments. I’ve seen apparitions coming out of walls, floating past windows, and even trying to contact me.

The most frightened I ever think I’ve been was seeing the Hat Man. I was upstairs playing on my computer, and out of the side of my sight, I see movement. I look over, and nothing. So I go back to playing. A few minutes later, the movement happens again, this time closer to me. I look up again, and this time, I see something very dark for a split second then it’s gone. I shine a light over to where I saw it. Nothing. So I’m getting creeped out. When the third time it happens I jump out of my chair and am face to face with a full-body apparition. It stood about 7 feet tall (I was like 5 feet when this happened) with a very dark but transparent body, a brimmed hat, and a set of lightly glowing red eyes. Of course, I freak the hell out and start yelling my freaking lungs out. This apparition reaches what looked like a hand out to me, and being 12, I freaked out and swung my arms wildly. It almost felt like I hit something, but it was like hitting a blast of cold air. His arm was still outstretched. Almost like reaching for my shoulder. I freaked out even more (If that was possible), tried to step back, fell backward over some wood, and then I felt fucking cold. Like shivering. Hat Man was standing over me, almost pushing me. When I hit the floor, I blinked and he was gone. I looked over, and say one of the support studs that my dad was going to be putting up had a nail jutting out of it. If I had not been moved by Hat Man, I would have had a nail into the back of my skull.

So my theory is that these apparitions are looking out for us, some are here to help us; others are here to harm us. Hat Man may be trying to warn us about terrible things to come. I do not believe that there are any truly Bad Apparitions; there are some violent ones that are the lingering energies of bad people who had once lived. But I doubt there are any really bad apparitions.

— Anonymous