I was about 12 years old at this time. My bed was in the corner of my room against 2 walls. I had been having trouble sleeping that night, as I had recently discovered the horrors of nuclear weapons and their history. It should also be noted that I had no siblings and was living with only my mum at the time. I tossed and turned until I eventually rolled over to face the wall.

Not long after this, I felt a cold bony finger poke me in the side. Out of reflex, I spun around to see who was there. I saw a shadow man in a wide-brim hat and long coat, with dark reddish pixels where the eyes should have been. Terrified, I plunged my head under the covers and screamed out. “Mum! There’s someone in my room!” She came in and turned on the light to reveal nothing. I told her what I saw, but she said it was probably just a nightmare. I know I was awake though. Safe to say I didn’t sleep that night and kept the light on til dawn. Thankfully, I haven’t seen him specifically since.