I’m now 43 years old. When I was 17 one night I was sleeping and suddendly open my eyes and see a tall skinny figure wearing a black cape and hat on my bedroom door staring at me. I was not able to distinguish any trace on the face or body, It was only a big black figure.

Meanwhile I started to feel a pressure on my chest and neck as if someone was strangling me and I figured out that the guy was standing on my chest. This sensation last for some seconds and during that time I was not able to move, speak or scream.

Then the sensation ceased and I came back to myself, able to move and in that moment I was aware that the figure was not longer there with me.

That time I thinked that it was a weird nightmare related with a period on my life that I was not getting too much sleep. Since then I had never got any contact with the guy again.