When I was 16 or 17, I’m 34 now, a friend and I were messing with a tape recorder (trying for white noise) at a closed elementary school, during broad daylight. We hopped a fence to be along a tree line to hold the recorder. We were standing next to a tree, both crouched down for a few minutes, in silence, until my legs started to hurt and I stood up. The moment I stood up and directly beyond my friend, was a tall man, fists clenched, 6 or 7 feet tall, wearing a long jacket, staring directly at us. He looked like a dark figure just standing there.

My friend saw the fear in my face, looked back, saw him and said, “run.” We bolted, broke the recorder while hopping back over the fence, I grabbed the tape that fell out and went back to her house. On the recorder, we didn’t hear much other than blaring emergency sirens that neither her or I remembered hearing while out there.

That night, or possibly a few nights after, I was up late in the family computer when a giant house fly bounced along the wall in front of me and the computer, then died right next to me. Then something tugged at my ponytail. I sternly said, “get the fuck away from me” then it stopped. I look up at a window above me, and the dark man is staring at me through the window, which someone would’ve needed a 30ft extension ladder to get up there. I ran to my room, and the next day went outside and saw there was no way a person could’ve been up there.

Other unexplained things happened after that, but I dove into how to get these things to go away and haven’t experienced anything since.