My nephew had an imaginary friend that he said was named “Dooga”. He described him as very tall and thin and wearing a big black hat and long black jacket. My nephew was three at the time and continued to talk to, and about, Dooga til he was about five.

Around eight years later i walked into my three year old son’s room because I heard him talking to someone. There was no one there and I asked who he was talking to and he said “Dooga”. I thought this was creepy so I asked who Dooga was and he said a tall man in with a big black hat and black jacket.

I asked my nephew if he had told my son about Dooga and he said he didn’t know who Dooga was. I told him about his “imaginary friend” and when he remembered he got the chills and said that he had not thought of him in years. He was even more chilled when he heard that my son had the same “imaginary friend”.

— Remo