I used to be a physical medium, but I turned away when I became close with Jesus. Recently, I took company with a new friend (of a friend) and as I wasfeeling afamiliar spirit‘s presence, she saidYes, bla bla bla my spirit guides. Well, Ive been a demonologist working in the paranormal field for years and I also know Christ. I know the law; no spirit communication. So why did I see Hatman? (Ill tell you how I saw him in a second). I saw Hatman because I yoked myself together with an unbeliever (anyone who seeks the company of spirits and this womanspoke to spirit guides in actual prayer). This is forbidden by God and she is called an unbeliever by Jesus. But I took company with her, so I too am now the same (I yoked myself together unevenly with an unbeliever). So I get home from that visit, watch TV for a few hours, and my husband walks behind me where Im sitting on the couch (so he can go to our room). Imfeeling something still behind me several feet back behind the couch when I turn a silhouette in the shadow of a man with a wide brim hat. And it was, as I can only describe it, like this: it wasmade known to me that he was there to show me who he was. He is the womans supposedspirit guide. She has two, though I felt two. But this one, well he came to MY house! Christians, wear the full armor of God and be careful whom you take company with. Whats going on here is that I got a bit of a warning; I crossed sides with regards to this invisible war. Anyone who knows Christ and His word knows that were at the final battle time, but we ARE at war. When you yoke yourself together with people who serve the adversary (by their actions a believer is as a believer does) then you cross enemy lines. Why? Because we make a hypocrite of ourselves when we claim to be Christians (real Christians) but take company with unbelievers. And so we give right to our adversary to spiritually attach to us (for how long varies, depending on the situation) or to spiritually attack us.