My children just told me about Hatman and I laughed with them. I thought they were being ridiculous. They told me to “google it” so I did and found this site. Now I’m not sure what to think. The pictures are very disturbing – I’m thrown. I thought this was a personal vision. One that I got teased about and mocked for. But I recognize that figure. It’s very familiar to me. I had many awful dreams as a child – they’re called night terrors now. Although it’s been many years since the last time I encountered this entity, 40 years later, I still remember the dreams vividly.

In the dreams I’m in my house in the dark, and I would hear the rustle of fabric – his cloak. Despite my fear, I would venture forward or up the stairs to follow the sound. I’d even call out to him and tell him, “I know you’re there!” There was always one room where I would feel the thick air of his presence. In the dreams he always found me and I would wake screaming as it rushed toward me. I always felt cold after these dreams. The nightmares continued until my mid 20’s and are the reason I practiced lucid dreaming. Now I’m wondering – after this – if I see him again and he approaches me, will I look into his face or turn away screaming like I did all those years ago?