Hi, there everyone my name is Owen and I’m currently 17. I encountered “The Hatman”, it was just a few months ago.  My older brother moved out I had taken his spot in the basement for the room and privacy. It was around the second or third night I had started sleeping down there, and that’s when it happened.

It began as a normal night and I had just gotten into bed a had finally fallen asleep. Sometime around midnight, something strange woke me up. When I first opened my eyes it seemed like static was covering them and I couldn’t see very well. When my vision finally cleared up I saw a large tall 3d like shadow figure in a hat and trench coat. The fear in my body caused my heart started to race rapidly and I thought I was going to die. Then eventually I blinked and without a single word, he was gone! I jumped up and then due to the overwhelming rush of adrenaline I crashed back onto the bed and passed out.